Background Check Information

Background checks can take anywhere from 30 mins to 4 business days.

Currently the NV DPS Background check system is taking aprox 24hrs for us to process a background check.

DPS stops taking calls at 3:30pm local time. We spend 2-3 hours dialing each morning to get into a hold queue each day. Once in the queue it takes between 3-5 hours for DPS to answer the call for us to process a background heck.

Depending on the time that we finally get thru to get background checks processed will depend if we will call you that day or the next to set a time to come pickup your item.

When you come in to fill out the 4473 so we can process your background check, we will need a copy of your Drivers License, State ID, and Nevada CCW if you have one. 

Once you have filled out the 4473, at that point we will be done and you will have to come back once the background check is complete. We will call you to set a new time for you to come down after your background check has been completed.

If we have not called you back then your background check has not be processed yet. DO NOT come back to pickup until we have called and set a time for you to come back for your pickup.

If you have a Nevada CCW, no background check is required and you can pick up your non-NFA item the same day if you have a valid copy of your CCW with you. If you do not have your CCW with you then a background check must be completed and there will be a $25 background check fee due to the state for processing. If you go get your CCW and bring it back then we can process your transaction without the background check.